Saturday Drama & Dance Club

SATURDAY DRAMA AND DANCE CLUB is for Primary aged children (5 -11 years) Full of dressing up, drama games and fun improvisations. Meeting once a month on a Saturday morning. 9:30am -11am. Drama Club costs £8 a session (£5 siblings).

This is followed by CHOREOGRAPHY CLUB where children create fabulous dances to perform to their parents/carers at the end of the session – ‘Strictly’ dancing-style! Choose to be a scorecard-holding judge, or a dancer, or both! 11am-11:45am (£2 and £1 siblings).

NB: I am hoping to be able to run these again after Christmas as I am currently following the COVID 19 government guidelines and my venue is temporarily closed. However, I am available for ZOOM Drama as an exciting alternative – just get together a group of Drama-loving friends and join me on Zoom for lots of fun and games! Cost of a Drama Zoom is £40 for 40 mins. Invite as many friends as you like and split the cost.

The focus of Drama Club is on building self-esteem and confidence, encouraging creativity, team-work and achievement and (above all) enjoyment. Come along and make new friends!

“Isla goes once a month to the Saturday morning Drama Club and loves it. Isla used to be quite a quiet girl but Louisa has really brought her out of herself and she really looks forward to it, especially as she gets to meet new people. Isla especially likes the choreography session at the end and has had such fun…